Business solutions

Krown-Design has created a standard product range that is constantly growing, but we also manufacture products for your specifics wishes.

Special packaging

Special packaging

The functions of mycelium-based products are ideal for packaging applications. First, the products have high shock resistance and a good protective value. We can design packaging for a great range for shape alternatives. Besides protective and versatile in shape, mushroom packaging is also a super insulation product. It keeps warm products warm, and cool products cool

Beautiful design - Veiled Lady

Beautiful design

We can grow the material into several different colors. And even if the natural color doesn’t match you wish, we have partnerships with manufacturers of bio based paints. The limitless shape possibilities will satisfy the most demanding design ideas. And as you have seen, we can even let nature help by growing real mushrooms out of our mycelium shapes

Materials for building of construction

Materials for building

Yes, mycelium is already used to build a tiny house. The acoustic insulation, the thermal insulation and the constructive strength are recognized as perfect characteristics for inslation panels, wall parts or roof elements.

Contact us to get an idea of what we can do for you. We will create 3D renderings and can make samples or mock-ups. Larger production run are also possible.